About Me

Hi, I’m Allen Muncy. I’m a marketing professional with a passion for making the online world connect people, instead of stand between them. I’m the Senior Web Developer at Rankings.io, a company which helps your website show up in the search engines.

My Story

Right now, I have the pleasure of being a marketing consultant. This means I help business owners and entrepreneurs build a marketing strategy, and put it into action. My focus is on online presence management. That is, building websites, ranking in search engines, and engaging with customers through blogs and social media.

I am a proud graduate of Valdosta State University, where I graduated Summa Cum Laude from the business school with a degree in marketing.


I write. I’ve always wanted to be like a mix between C.S. Lewis and Dale Carnegie, enabling people to think deeply, be entertained and lead fulfilling lives. You can find out more about my writing on my Start Here page.

I generally post once a week. If you’d like to subscribe, it’s quick and easy. Just type in and submit your name and e-mail at the top of this page.

My Family

I have been married to my wife, Ivy, for almost two years. We have no kids, and haven’t really quite settled down yet. We live in Cary, NC, and we love it!


In my spare time, I enjoy photography, videos games, exercising, and writing.

Contact Information

You can e-mail me at Allen@AllenMuncy.com, or follow me on Twitter, @AllenMuncy, or follow me on Facebook.

My Colophon

My site is built on WordPress. I use my own theme that I developed and designed from scratch. If you’re interested in building your own site, I’d love to help. E-mail me at Allen@AllenMuncy.com

About Allen

I love web development. I'm passionate about creating websites and web applications which are simple, clean, & easy to use.

I am constantly learning new technologies to help me develop more effectively. It excites me to take on big problems, break them down, and create elegant solutions.

I consult and develop code full time, and love almost every minute of it.